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After working for years on their own home and reno projects, we wanted to help others get the most out of their renovations – all while offering truly exceptional service. Our first-hand experience renovating houses from top to bottom will ensure we’ve not only done it before, but we know how long it will take, how much it will cost and how much you can expect to get back.

We’re a family business ready to put the hard work in to help you get the most out of your investment, just like we have.

Kyle & Melissa
Kyle & MelissaOwners
What started as a hobby and an affordable way to break into the housing market, has quickly turned into a passion. We were able to double the value of our first home, and have seized every reno opportunity since as our need to upsize our home grew at the same pace as our family – we now have three kids Cash, Cruz and Cali. Our portfolio of projects completed spans from major curb appeal to stunning backyard upgrades, full kitchen and bathroom renos – and all of the accents in between.

Coming from marketing backgrounds, we have a keen sense of what the current trends are and a creative eye. Kyle always has an appetite for any custom or DIY project that crosses his path, while refining the skills he has applied to countless successful renos completed along the way.

Our Clients Agree

“From design advice to getting the dirty jobs done quickly, Kyle and the Fix It team really felt like a partner in our rental property renovations. “

Andreana • Home Owner & Landlord
“We’ve used Kyle a few times to help out with reno projects around the house, so we knew he would be the perfect person to help us transform empty rooms into storage rooms for all of our overflow stock. The shelving unit is custom to what we needed and looks great!”
Erin • Store Owner

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